Thank You

Thank You

I want to personally thank each of every one of you who took the time to support this brand. Big or small, know that the support will never go unnoticed. All that I am is due to your love and support. Know that I am NOTHING without you. ~Lovely
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I Stumbled across this brand on TikTok. I’ll be honest to say that I was apprehensive about purchasing from a brand that’s not well known. Against my initial judgment, I decided to go ahead and give this brand a try. I was truly happy that I did because I am very satisfied with the customer service, the fast shipping and the quality of each product I ordered. I literally had my tracking details within a matter of hours and not the mention the packaging of this brand is super cute. If someone stumbles across this comment and you’re on the fence about whether or not you should order, I just want to say to that person… YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTMENT! I’ll for sure will circle back and make another purchase real soon. Let’s get the word out about Pulse Beauty.


Beauty Beam by Glow. Skin is flawless and beautiful.

Shavonne Derma Beauty

LISSSSTTTEEEEEEENNNNN! This skin care line is the darn truth! I started using it like last week and since then, My skin tone is evening out, all of the fine bumps I had are GONE, and my skin looks WAAAAY MORE HEALTHY! The toner literally feels like it’s water! Unlike other toners it doesn’t burn my face. The cleanser used right after the cleansing balm feels soooo good to my face. I use everything in the bundle and also the lip scrub. I love it all. I had been waiting for this line to drop and it was worth every second! Get you some sis, there’s none out there like this. And the cost is extremely affordable.

Andrane’ M

The new skincare line is amazing. My skin feels hydrated and clean.

Chazerous Marshall

Recently purchased the newly released Skincare Bundle. Extremely pleased with ALL the products. Very lightweight and very minimal smell. This is a plus for me as I suffer from severe migraines. The packaging is so superb. I have many products from Pulse Beauty Cosmetics and I have yet to experience anything but perfection ! The shipping turnaround is amazing as well. Highly recommend shopping with them ! I will forever be a returning customer. Thank you for providing us quality products at an affordable price. Don’t change anything !

Kandi Hill

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