About Us

It's said that your greatest blessings are birthed in painful situations. Pulse Beauty was birthed in the midst of a physically  abusive marriage. Unlike most makeup enthusiast, I originally started playing in makeup to masked the ugly naked truth that I didn't want others to see. I was not long afterwards that I developed an addition to makeup.  After my divorce in 2013, it took me many years to figure out who I was and what I wanted to do with my life.  I slept on the idea for years of starting my own makeup brand due to fear of being judged and whether or not I will be received as an entrepreneur. After self-publishing my first book and inspiration journals, I've finally built up the courage within myself to say. "I can do this" pushing against my fears. Therefore, when people raise the question, "What is Pulse Beauty?", my answer is simple. Pulse Beauty is a representation of myself and those alike, when I decided to let go of all the things that no longer served me is when I truly began to LIVE. The pulse symbol on my logo is symbolic to me; it represent my heart that will forever beat through me and the generation after me. After successful having Pulse Beauty & Pulse Beauty Skin Federally Trademarked, I plan to pass that torch to sons and or future grandchildren to carry on to the next generation to come. Therefore, my legacy will forever live through my bloodline. I'm certain that one of them will have new innovative ideas to take Pulse Beauty further than what I've done thus far.

I am a Mother, self- published Author, Podcast host and have a huge passion in Humanitarian work. Giving back to those that are less fortunate is not just an act of kindness but yet a way of life.