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Pulse Beauty LLC

This Moment Novella

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Often times, the bond between a man and a woman cannot be denied, no matter how hard you try. These connections can sometimes parallel with people that should be outside of our personal boundaries. The moment Lance and Nicole crossed paths for the first time, in an unfortunate situation, it was obvious that the two of them had a thing for one another. When we attempt to do good, evil always presents itself. Both personally and professionally, these two individuals are at totally different stages, however a forbidden love transpires that will take them both down a pathway of no return, thus making them question what would be considered right versus the wrong thing to do . The pathway to discovering the truth will expose secrets, lies and scandal, all while hurting innocent people by what we know as collateral damage. What will become of Lance and Nicole? Can a love that is frowned upon survive the test of time? Will they be willing to make the necessary sacrifices that come along with adulthood? Or will they choose the happiness of others over their own? Once it's all said and done, whatever choice is made, no one wins.



Page Count #167

Dimensions: 6X9

ISBN# 979-8391358077

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